Cha Tactical Delta Loop

Chameleon does it again!

The CHA Tactical Delta Loop is a high-performance antenna that is designed for use on the HF bands from 6-80M. It is a directional antenna, which means that it is most sensitive to signals coming from a particular direction on axis, and it can be rotated to point towards the desired signal source.

This makes the Delta Loop a good choice for long distance communication, as it can help to increase signal strength and reduce interference from other directions. The Delta Loop is also a compact and lightweight antenna, which makes it highly suitable for portable operation.

Like all of their gear it is made from high-quality materials and is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. I ran into a slight issue with one of the whip antennas and Chameleon sent me a replacement without issue. Thats excellent customer service. I have many Chameleon products and I love them for their easy deployment. What can I say, I am lazy!

The whip itself uses two 17 foot telescoping whips with a matching transformer. I picked it up with the coax to see what the quality was like and once again it is absolutely fantastic. I’ve had good success on 20-30 meters and lesser success out of that range but given that 17 and 20 are likely my most used bands this isn’t an issue.

It’s also versatile as you can set it up in a few ways including as a matched vertical with the whip into the transformer with a spike mount. This leads to about a 2 minute setup to get on the air. Granted it’s not as great as the other configurations, it still gets the job done. I’ve made many contacts during the fall and winter months just hammering the spike into the ground and using the whip alone.

73, Tyler Kacsor