Icom IC-705

The IC-705 is an incredible radio. Having this much versatility in a portable unit is refreshing. As good as this radio is, I still prefer to use the KX2 for CW activations as it has Pin Diode switching which are incredibly quiet. The IC-705 has relays that are more clicky, it’s not really a big issue but silence is golden.

The 705 is my go to choice for SSB, Digital and CW when paired with a keyer for contesting as it integrates amazingly well into my portable contesting kit which also includes a 13″ Dell XPS. The built in USB connectivity make it indispensable for this type of activation.

It has built-in GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it convenient to use in the field even for digital modes. The modular batteries are excellent and are common to my ID-51 which creates excellent value for end users such as myself. I can power the IC-705 using internal batteries or an external power source (typically a LifePO4), which gives me flexibility in my setup.

Overall, the IC-705 is a great portable radio that meets my needs for portable ham radio operation and then some. If you’re fortunate enough to own this radio you will know what I am talking about.

73, Tyler Kacsor