Red Rock Coulee Natural Area

Lethbridge started off windy as per usual so I decided to take Moose for a drive to the South Eastern portion of Alberta near Medicine Hat. Park VE-3114 had not yet been activated so I figured today was as good a day as any. The weather has been warm lately with double digit temperatures in January so strike while the iron is hot.

I left my equipment in the SUV from the prior night so packing was easy. The IC-705 and F-Loop 3.0 were ready for duty but I forgot my tablet so I wound up using HAMRS on my phone to log contacts. I also keep paper copies just in case.

Conditions were favourable and I was able to make 30 plus QSO’s in a relatively short period of time including a contact from the DR. I’ll attach a visualization of the contacts as well as some random shots from the day. The area itself was quite interesting, take a look at those rocks.

Moose and I had enough around 2PM local time and decided to head back to the QTH for the evening.


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  1. Lance N4LDB Avatar
    Lance N4LDB

    Your setup was sure sounding great into Tennessee, Tyler. Congrats on reaching the DR, while qrp! And what a beautiful backdrop to play radio, imho. 72

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