Winter Field Day 2022 – Park Lake Edition

It was around 9 degrees Celsius today so I decided to head out to play radio. Its been quite warm in Southern Alberta for January so it made great sense to get outside and practice some CW.

While it is field day my logs will not be eligible as you are not able to spot or post contacts and I use the POTA spotting feature to activate parks quicker. If you were to simply call CQ without a spot but within POTA territory you could claim Field Day and still activate the park.

I was once again able to contact Alaska and notably I made contact with Tom (K4SWL) who was the reason I wanted to learn CW in the first place. Pretty neat to see his callsign come through the airwaves. Logging was done digitally via HAMRS which allows me to send the log directly from the APP once I pack up (assuming there is cell service).