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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park CW Activation

Áísínai’pi, also known as Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, is located in Southern Alberta approximately 150 km from Lethbridge where I reside. Its a unesco heritage site and upon arriving off season I was greeted to an empty park with stunning views.

It was already the 21st of October, 2023 so I figured we may not get too many other chances to do some QRP activations before the snow flies. The weather was bound to turn cold soon enough so I met up with KJ7GNB to try to get in one last POTA before the weather gets too crazy to cross borders.

I often operate through the winter months from Park Lake as its so close by but it doesn’t have anything close to the allure of WOS provincial park. The sandstone cliffs, caves and hoodoos need to be seen to be believed.

I was able to get around 50+ contacts on the day with my KX2 and I alternated my Mag Loop and Buddipole. The Loop did the majority of the heavy lifting on this particular day.

With such a wonderful site it’s imperative that one respects the environment. With this in mind our operations involved no trees or physical alteration of any areas. Its always important to ad here to following:

  1. Park Regulations: Adhere to all park regulations concerning radio operations, respecting quiet zones or designated areas where radio operations may be restricted.
  2. Leave No Trace: Ensure that your QRP setup doesn’t disturb the park’s natural beauty. Remove all equipment and any trace of your activity after your operation.

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park is an exceptional location for QRP operation, offering both the tranquility necessary for low-power radio operation and the beauty of nature. It was RF quiet, one of the most quiet areas I’ve operated frankly. By following best practices, utilizing suitable equipment, and respecting both the environment and park regulations, we can all enjoy the experience of QRP in this picturesque setting.

I can’t vouch for what it would be like during the peak season but if you happen to be in Southern Alberta and find yourself with some time to kill I would highly recommend taking a look at WOS to hike, play radio, photograph, or just enjoy.

73, Tyler Kacsor