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Winter Field Day 2022 – Park Lake Edition

It was around 9 degrees Celsius today so I decided to head out to play radio. Its been quite warm in Southern Alberta for January so it made great sense to get outside and practice some CW.

While it is field day my logs will not be eligible as you are not able to spot or post contacts and I use the POTA spotting feature to activate parks quicker. If you were to simply call CQ without a spot but within POTA territory you could claim Field Day and still activate the park.

I was once again able to contact Alaska and notably I made contact with Tom (K4SWL) who was the reason I wanted to learn CW in the first place. Pretty neat to see his callsign come through the airwaves. Logging was done digitally via HAMRS which allows me to send the log directly from the APP once I pack up (assuming there is cell service).

Red Rock Coulee Natural Area

Lethbridge started off windy as per usual so I decided to take Moose for a drive to the South Eastern portion of Alberta near Medicine Hat. Park VE-3114 had not yet been activated so I figured today was as good a day as any. The weather has been warm lately with double digit temperatures in January so strike while the iron is hot.

I left my equipment in the SUV from the prior night so packing was easy. The IC-705 and F-Loop 3.0 were ready for duty but I forgot my tablet so I wound up using HAMRS on my phone to log contacts. I also keep paper copies just in case.

Conditions were favourable and I was able to make 30 plus QSO’s in a relatively short period of time including a contact from the DR. I’ll attach a visualization of the contacts as well as some random shots from the day. The area itself was quite interesting, take a look at those rocks.

Moose and I had enough around 2PM local time and decided to head back to the QTH for the evening.

CHA F-Loop 3.0 POTA

I had an opportunity to take out my Chameleon F-Loop 3.0 to park VE-1187 near Lethbridge, Alberta on January 22, 2022 and it did not disappoint. This was my first time operating the loop outside my QTH. I paired it with my trusty tripod in the parking lot and mounted it approximately 2 meters in the air.

I orientated the loop to face SE and tuned SWR to 1.5. The IC-705 was at max capacity outputting 10w. Over the course of the activation SWR crept up slightly but nothing that required retuning. I could have placed more effort to lower the SWR initially but I was more interested in getting on the air and I’ve found that being near-field affects turning so you can spend more time if you want but its somewhat diminishing returns for me.

Since I was not hiking in anywhere I left the steel loop on vs. the included coax which is very high quality iteself. The overall construction and quality of Chameleon products seems to be worth the premium price in my experience but your mileage may vary.

I was able to activate the park in approximately 15 minutes but stuck around to get a few more contacts making 14 on the day. I’m new to CW so a few contacts didn’t make the final cut most likely due to me flubbing a sign or two. I’ll include the QSO map which shows an interesting distribution.

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